Why was the Spoon Buddy™ created?

The Spoon Buddy™ was created out of frustration. During a Thanksgiving meal there were pots of gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans on the stove top. It was a buffet style setup but the area was a mess...

Utensils were either on the germ covered counter top or had fallen into the food in the pot. Sound like a familiar situation?? There had to be a better way!

Therein came the idea of the Spoon Buddy™, a spoon rest that can be adhered on a lid, counter top or any flat surface. The result was an organized and clean kitchen environment! The Spoon Buddy™ truly is the perfect addition to your kitchen!™ 

The Spoon Buddy™ has been issued utility and design patents.

US Utility Patent # 10,561,279 B2

US Design Patent # D886,547 S

Why was the Pan Buddy™ created? 

Before the pandemic, I would have dinner with my grandmother on a weekly basis. With lockdowns affecting our time together, my grandmother was forced to cook on her own. During our phone calls, she voiced how it was difficult for her to cook and clean with her favorite cast iron skillet. 

Noticing that there was not a product on the market to address this issue, I decided to get to the drawing board. After a few different prototypes, I finally came up with a design that adds leverage and support while handling heavy cookware! The Pan Buddy™ creates a vertical handle that reduces strain and promotes the natural position of your wrist. It also eliminates the transfer of heat, those cast-iron skillets can get really hot! 

The Pan Buddy™ is currently patent pending! 


Derek Monk, the inventor of the Spoon Buddy™ and Pan Buddy™, presenting on-air with HSN (Home Shopping Network).